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Ten Dinners in Havana, First Edition

10 Dinners in Havana is a richly textured documentation of Proyecto Paladar featuring twenty recipes cooked by paired chefs in Havana, half from American chefs and half from Cuban chefs. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs of the city of Havana, its urban farms, organic agriculture, vibrant markets, and lively streets, it portrays the chefs and diners in action. Authored by artist/architect Craig Shillitto and curator Elizabeth M. Grady, this artist-book-cum-cookbook illuminates Proyecto Paladar and the culinary, social, and political issues it raised. The book is designed by artist, designer, writer, and cook Jake Tilson (www.jaketilson.com). Contributing authors include former NPR senior foreign editor Loren B. Jenkins, art critic and writer for the Village Voice, Art News and more Christian Viveros-Fauné, Havana organic farm president Miguel Angel Salcines and his  daughter Isis Salcines, Director of the 11th Bienal de la Habana and Director of the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wifredo Lam Jorge Fernandez-Torres, writer/curator Christian Viveros-Fauné. Great for amateur chefs and Cuba enthusiasts alike, 10 Dinners in Havana will excite the minds and palates of everyone from adventurous travelers to organic gardeners. Proyecto Paladar offers inspiration to anyone who believes that creating community through food can be the first step toward cultural diplomacy and political change. Part gonzo architecture and part improvised farm-to-table meals, there is no more thrilling way to view Cuba than through the lens of this culinary and artistic collaboration.

Portfolio Link: Proyecto Paladar