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Bar(b)acoa OMI

This project serves as a stage for people to interact with, and within the environment. It is a convivial space for exchange around cuisine, but its physical structure is also evocative. Bar(b)acoa OMI is not a mere architectural experiment, but acts as a gathering place for a series of workshops, programs, dinners, and potentially even overnight events geared toward a broad range of publics that may include the local community, summer visitors, teens, and the art and architectural communities. As day fades into evening, the lit kitchen and dining area begin to glow as a beacon for visitors and diners invited to celebrate an international chef exchange and other events and engage in dialogue. The work is a thought experiment exploring the potential of art and architecture to work in tandem to help communities envision an intercultural and sustainable future.


Credits: Craig Shillitto, Katie Merz, Abel Eba, Michael Inwood, Terrence McCafferty, Chris Ithurburn, Mateo Fernandez-Muro, and Chef Pete Lipson of All Hands Restaurant.

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Ghent, New York


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