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Bus Fare

The focus of this project is to create a mobile restaurant in the body of a used Chevy bus. Not to be confused with a food truck, this bus is literally a vehicle for ‘farm-to-table’ dining. By creating this custom vehicle the project will transport people, ingredients and cuisine from, and be able to impact and interact with, many different communities and food production locations. This exchange of experiences will use the lens of food as a means of bringing together many different communities of people while promoting education, job training and nutrition. It will promote and celebrate the local assets of Flint and Michigan from its automotive talent pool to the innovative and aggressive urban farms to the greater area of the Michigan bread basket. The project will culminate in a multi-day event whereby visiting accomplished Chefs from about the United States will interact with community-chosen ‘home chefs’ and plan, purvey and host a meal with the Bus Fare bus in their community.



Dining, Engage




Flint, Michigan